I am a School Psychologist in my 4th year of practice. One of my favorite things about being a SP is supporting students with behavioral challenges. The Analyzed Behavior App makes data collection incredibly easy, organized, and visually appealing to all users. I won a free month at NASP and worked with a special educator at my school who had never done an FBA before. He shared that this app was easy to understand and extremely user friendly. He really loved how during the observation there were drop down menus provided to him to describe the environment and activities taking place. I love how this app charts the data individually, pre and post intervention, and it provides a written narrative all in one PDF. I would highly recommend this to any School Psychologists who frequently do FBA’s and BIP’s. I would also recommend this product to any special education department that wants to help support special education teachers and paraprofessionals learn about data collection. My district will definitely be purchasing an annual membership to this app!

Diana Kwacz, School Psychologist

I used the Analyzed Behavior data collection system for the last half of the school year. Let me tell you how simple it made my job! I am able to have my team gather reliable data to track students’ behavioral progress. Not only does this system allow me to gather reliable data, but it is super easy to print out a report to show my IEP teams the progress my students are making. Thank you for making data collection simple so I can focus on the students!

Kimberly Rubio, Behavior Analyst

The data collection on the website is awesome! It’s so easy to use! After having only a brief tutorial of the site, classroom aides are able to collect data with it!! They love how it gives a summary of what was observed!

Emily Sharp, Educational Specialist

As a special education teacher, I used to spend hours taking data with pen and paper, creating my own graphs, and writing summaries to present at meetings. The Analyzed Behavior program is a lifesaver! I can’t believe I haven’t used a program like this before! What used to take me hours now takes me minutes, and I have more time to spend with my students. The program is very user-friendly and informative. I feel super confident presenting the generated student summaries to parents and other professionals during my IEP meetings. I would highly recommend this program to any professional that works with students with behavior difficulties!

Alison Bean, Educational Specialist

Analyzed behavior has proven to be an extremely effective tool for implementing and monitoring behavior interventions. The interface is clear and concise and the charting and visuals are very user friendly. I’ve worked as a school psychologist for over a decade and wish I had this available from the beginning. Data collection has never been easier. Analyzed behavior has streamlined the process and allows for much more efficient use of time and information in order to better serve students and staff.

P. D. Castro, Licensed Educational Psychologist